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Take care of your E-Bike is not a boring task. And a clean E-Bikes work better and last longer. Keep your E-Bike clean to avoid permanent damage to E-Bike’s parts. Get the knowledge and information from the Youtube Videos channel. All Electric Bike owners can acquire the basic knowledge of how to take care of their E-bike.

The electric bike theft case is high in many countries. And the modification of an electric bike is very easy, plus the used electric bike sale is good, that is why the theft case is high everywhere. The priority is how to lock the E-bike to avoid theft safely has become the bike’s owner concern.

After every off-road riding, the bike’s owner has to spend some time to wash the electric bike. To keep the chain clean and proper lubricate the chain with oil is key for smooth riding. The second priority is how to clean the E-bike and lubricate the chain for smooth riding.

Take well care of the battery can avoid battery flat on the journey. Frequently flatting the battery can shorten the life use of the battery. A proper charging battery method is essential to take care of battery life use.

Viewing Youtube videos is the best to use for learning all these vital tasks.

Every user who visited our website would like to view the videos without switching out from our website for time-saving.  I hope embedded Youtube videos can show how to take care of your e-bikes as per your expectation.

1. How to wash your electric bikes.

If you loved your E-bike, cleaning an electric bike could be simple and relax. But not everyone likes the job of cleaning an E-bike. If there is a cleaning station for the car, you can go for a service, thereby paying a small fee. It is essential to clean your E-bike when it is dirty. You do not want the dirt to cause any permanent damage to your E-bike.

Before cleaning, the source for bike cleaner, soap, sponge, brushes, bike degreaser, and hose ready to clean your E-bike. A water hose with a power spray nozzle will help to make the cleaning of your electric bike easy and faster. After cleaning your E-bike, leave for drying at least one hour before use, you may need to grease your E-bike chain as per E bike’s user manual.

View Video #1: How to wash your Ebike.

2. How to re-charging your E-bike battery?

The battery is the primary power energy for E-bike for the reason we use an E-bike instead of a traditional bicycle. Now this newly invented E-bike has made our life more comfortable, but we should take care well the source of energy for the E-bike.

Recharging the E-bike battery is pretty simple. You need to see where to recharge and when to recharge. You will not use the E-bike until it’s the battery is flat off. At the LED display panel, you can see the condition of battery status.

When the indicator of battery status left one or two bars, you can start battery recharging if there is an available electricity source for recharging. For more extended life use, it is better charged the battery immediately after riding back.

The recharging method is simple. You can take the battery from the casing for recharging or recharging together with your E-bike. Usually, the battery casing is locked to avoid theft. Plug the battery charger into an electricity source, which is AC, and from the other end of the charger plug into your battery.

The AC passed through the charger, and the regulator-rectifier takes care of converting the AC-current to the DC-current the battery needs.

View Video#2 How to Re-charging E-Bike

3. How to lubricate the chain of E-bike?

To lubricate the chain of your E-bike is not a difficult task. You do not need to dismantle the string from your E-bike. At first, you have spray degreasing agent to the chain and leave for half an hour. Fix a jet head to your water hose, wash the chain with jet water to clean out the residue grease on the chain. You can also use the brushes to assist the cleaning after cleaning the chain leave for drying.

Before the use of E-bike, do not forget to apply bike grease (follow user’s manual) uniformly on the chain. Pedal the wheel by hand to ensure oil on the chain is applied to the wheel gear. You can add grease directly to wheel gear. Then your E-bike is ready for the next cycling.

Attached are the videos from youtube or the E-bike service shop for your viewing.

View Video #3  How to clean your E-bike chain

4. How to lock your E-bike to avoid theft?

Sound easy to do, but in fact, it is not easy. Can you find a proper location for you to lock your E-bike? Take the E-bike inside the house, office, or school is not a good idea. But you need some permanent structure likes a pole, fence, or any structure that can allow you to wrap the chain to it and your E-bike to apply the lock.

Lock your E-bike to a tree is also not a good idea. You may need to install some permanent structures at the location you need to visit very often. Just park your E-bike in the compound with security control is subtle but still, has the opportunity of theft. Before purchasing an E-bike, you need to confirm the locking of your E-bike is not an issue at all.

How to prevent theft by Wiki?

View Video#4  How to lock an expensive bike in 3 minutes?

5. Conclusion

Always look for an E-bike service shop nearby to you to help to check your E-bike brake system to ensure your safe riding. The motor of the E-bike is considered as maintenance free but keep cleaning is essential.

Annually can ask for a motor cleaning service to keep the engine clean to avoid permanent damage. E-bike with multi-mode speed devices can be check for functionality every six months. The maintenance plan for your E-bike can be fully supported and assist by the E-bike service shop. They can advise us on any possible damaged parts to be purchased earlier.

A comfortable life always needs some fee to pay. Nothing is free.

View videos on how to avoid theft. The theft will surprise you that open the bike’s lock is an easy task for them.

View Video #5  How long theft break the lock

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and I have an Ebike and I am very careful about it. I always keep my Ebike clean .Bike cleaner, soap, sponge, brush, bike degreaser and hose ready to clean my e-bike before cleaning and leave to dry after cleaning and before use I grease the e-bike chain according to my e-bike’s manual. That’s why I find YouTube videos very useful .Ebike batteries are quite easy to recharge and chain lubricating is not a daunting task .And I find it convenient to lock this bike and I lock it in when I need it .Always visit my nearest ebike service shop to help test your ebike brake system to ensure my safe riding. 

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    • If you needs any parts for your Ebike, feel free to let me. I have contact with some parts supplier to prepare in case my website user ask to me. 

      You have to look for permanent structure fixed to ground or building to lock your Ebike. Thank you for your comment here.

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    Thank you for sharing more information on E-bike maintenance. I have used an E-bike only twice, and it was from the Jump app. E-bikes are the future, and I plan to get one because they’re comfortable and reliable. I live in the city, and the traffic is too much sometimes, and an E-bike is ideal for the town. I like that E-bikes have speeds that can go adjusted. For the urban-city areas, I’ll use medium speed. As far as maintenance goes, I’ll take my new E-bike to a service shop every month. Thanks for the information regarding E-bikes!

    • Future can be a lot of change. In one day, city will stop all petrol vehicle from entering and replaced by electric cars and electric bikes to keep green image. Motorcycle with high speed is not a good idea has caused many rider’s life. Should put a stop and replaced by lower speed electric bikes. 

      Many car manufacturer try to invent electric motorcycle with very high power motor until 300 hp but the price increase becomes higher than electric car. Unless technology break the box again to find way out, electric motorcycle is in the dream only. That is my believed in electric bike will take over future.

  8. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i got an e-bike for my son but it got spoiled  in a short time and it was as a result of low maintenance and failure to check it regularly. the tips you have shared here is great.

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