Is electric bikes really convenient and fun to ride?


Is electric bike fun to ride? The answer is nobody searches using this keyword. Second, Is an electric bike convenient to ride? The answer is the same; nobody searches using this keyword. Is it great to use as a title with no people interest in searching at all?

Why nobody cares about is electric bikes convenient or fun to ride? Is this not important to the Buyer when they decide to buy an electric bike? Maybe I write this article can waste my time. I must tell everybody how the owner of electric bikes enjoys their first riding in my second thought. Or how they like their electric bikes so much because of what reason they have.

Finally, I think this article is helpful to my audience.

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Do electric bikes really convenient and fun to use?

Convenient and fun from a design

  1. No sweating (Convenient to use)is it convenient with no sweating? Yes, most of the riders using full-electric power to ride the bike. No is possible for someone who can quickly be sweating.
  2. Climb the hill with relaxation (Convenient and fun to use) – It can be fun and convenient for most of the riders to climb the mountain with only motor assist. But skilled mountain riders may prefer to enjoy using their own afford to conquer the hill or slope.

    Electric Bikes Go Uphill with use of throttle.
    Riders can ride electric bikes go uphill with relaxation.
  3. Start fast in front of a traffic light (Convenient to use) – Safer to get started soon from stoppage likes other vehicles, can instant go off – Can be convenient for most riders. But skill riders can quickly begin to take off from stoppage by own afford.
  4. Ease pressure on our knees and hips (Convenient to use) – This can be convenient for most riders. But skill riders do not sense any influence on their knees or hips.
  5. No need for learning for first-timer (Convenience to use) – No need to learn like the first time riding the regular bicycle. It can be convenient to take off, even the riders, as is the first time riding. Sharing the use of the electric bike with the family members do not need any adjustment. Dating friends for a ride is a fun thing.                  First time riding bicycle is difficult to get balancing but the electric bike is easy to ride on first time.

Convenient and fun from eco-friendly and safety

  1. Eco-friendly makes it convenient to use – For all riders who care about air pollution on the road, it is better and convenient to use electric bikes to help improve our city’s air quality.
  2. Fun with speed at 15.5 mph – Most riders will have fun with this speed, but some may not. This speed is two times faster than regular bicycles.

    Rider enjoy speed riding with the electric bike
    The rider enjoys speed riding with the electric bike.
  3. Fun for leisurely riding – Yes, for riders staying outside town or inside a large housing estate. No for cyclists riding in the city center, unless there are car-free days enforced by the city mayor or council.
  4. The moped bikes are convenient to ride on the road’s side lane – Moped bikes need registration and insurance but not a license to ride – to check with local bicycle law.

Convenient and fun for activities

  1. Convenient for grocery purchase – Yes, for riders who need little shopping. No for riders who need more purchase, limit by a carrying bucket.
  2. Convenient for meeting friends – Yes, for riders who have friends staying nearby his house. No for cyclists who have friends visiting far from his home. Some countries still do not provide a full bicycle lane to travel a far distance yet.

    Leisurely Cycling in Hyde Park with friends is fun
    Leisurely Cycling in Hyde Park with friends is fun.
  3. Fun to stay together in the riding – It is enjoyable for our senior coupler to ride at the same speed with ease to go on an outing or anywhere. It is also amusing for a family outing during the weekend, and no one will be worry dropped off by family members.

    Team going out with electric bike is fun
    The team going out with an electric bike is fun.

Is it convenient and fun for the rider first riding experience?

Article from Bikemap Blog: My First Time Riding an E-Bike

All in all, dashing around the city on an e-bike is incredibly fun. I was definitely motivated to ditch public transport in favor of my bike when out and about, and it was straightforward to get used to the sped upcycling experience the I: S.Y. e-bike provides. However, after adapting to the e-bike’s advantages, cycling on my conventional bike felt super slow and somewhat more exhausting in comparison.

You can view Youtube videos: Riding an E-bikes for the first time. It was so convenient to ride off and fun to ride an electric bike for the first time.

Is it convenient and fun for electric bike owners?

Best comment from Duytan Vu, former F-15 Crew Chief at U.S. Air Force 

The electric bicycle will have a significant learning curve. I doubt you will feel entirely comfortable with the capability of an electric bike until you spend days exploring its limits, your limits, and the limits of where you’re riding it – exploring the fun of using an electric bike.

Best comments from Timothy James, 25 years are racing bikes. Multiple state winner

Please wear a helmet, gloves, and decent shoes just if you do fall off, but they are easy to ride and sooooo much fun!

Best comments from Michael Price – retired I.T. Technician and Teacher.

I have had three e-bikes now – on all of them, I just got on and rode it (Convenient to ride) – even the first one over ten years ago. If you can ride a regular bike, then an e-bike will be the same – it just feels like there is a wind pushing you along a bit – really fun to ride an electric bike.

Best comments from Rob Rudman, Master Bicycle Wheel builder

It is effortless to ride it (Convenient to ride), and after every ride, you can’t wait to ride again. It’s a lovely experience (Fun to ride), and you’ll feel at home in it straight away.

The electric bike is easy to pedal without power.

I took it for a ride today without the battery attached, so I was in total pedal mode. The shifting was smooth, and it wasn’t much more challenging to pedal than a conventional bike (Convenient to ride like a regular bicycle even without a battery).

Best comments from Timothy Patrick Canley, USA

Once the battery charged, I installed it and went riding. Not one single thing went wrong. The bike performed great. I am a big guy, at 6’6,275 pounds. The bike topped out at 21 mph for me. I love this bike so far!! (Convenient and Fun to use for a big guy)

Best comments from Tim USA

I’ve had this bike for just over three weeks and have put 150 miles on it. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the purchase. I was extremely nervous about the investment at first, but now I am very much relieved. (Convenient and Fun to use for a doubtful guy)


After reading through this article, do you think that electric bikes are convenient and fun to ride? You may have many questions about investing in an electric bike, now are you confident to proceed with your purchase? You can read more customer feedbacks from or

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16 thoughts on “Is electric bikes really convenient and fun to ride?”

  1. I like having an electric bike because it’s easier to ride them in traffic because you can move faster and so merging with cars on the road is a lot easier. Also you don’t have to pedal and so going up hills are a lot easier and you can go places you never considered going before. The only downside is that it’s a lot more expensive than regular bikes, do they come with insurance like a car in case it gets stolen?

    • If you can accept bike speed at 20 mph, you can choose a 250W electric bike with a price of less than $700. If motor power below 750W and throttle speed setting not above 15.5 mph, you can drive your electric bike as fast as 20 mph with pedal assist. You can buy insurance for your electric bike and I believe is cheaper than a motorcycle. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you for commenting and the support given to us.

  2. Firstly, I have to say that it is a bit odd to find that buyers are not exactly enthusiastic to find if electric bikes are fun and convenient to ride. Also, given that there are so many beneficial factors and attributes that make electric bike really appealing, I think publishing this article was the right thing to do. Thanks for sharing 

    • Most people know about the convenience of electric bikes. But they are not time to dump their transport to buy electric bikes. Sooner or later, they will consider replacing by electric bike. Thank you for supporting and comment given to us. Keep in touch with us.

  3. What’s not to like ? You can have the best of both worlds. If you’re feeling energetic and in the mood for a workout, then just ride with the motor turned off. If you’ve had a hard day at work and don’t feel like excerting your self any more, then just flip that switch and let the bike do the work. Simple.

    All of my four children have had pushbikes at various stages and for the most part, they’ve enjoyed them. Well, I say that, but the truth was that they liked leaving the house but the return journey was not quite as pleasant. We live at one of the highest parts of the city, so there are a few hills to contend with. More often than not, I was dispatched to collect a child and their bike, as the ride home was just too much.

    I might yet invest in one, though the price would need to come down a touch first, I would still class them as a bit of a luxury, unless of course I could use it for going to and from work, then it could be classed as an expense, that might work.

    • Thank you for sharing the experience of the bike with us. It is nice to hear that a family can use four E-bikes. You are right the place you stayed needs E-bike for transportation. Too bad to hear sometimes you have to go out to fetch them back.

      I have the best buy electric bikes from Walmart for your consideration. The discount price is almost 50% and the specification is in the middle range. Just have a look. I enclose the link here for your reading. Goplus 26” 250W 36V Electric Mountain Bicycle       I hope I can help a little. Keep in touch if you have any other questions.

  4. Hello 

    You write about Is electric bikes really convenient and fun to ride? My answer is yes. I have been using an electric bike in 1 year. I say it’s good from a normal bike. In your article you talked about all the cool points to buy an electric bike. 

    Thank you very much for an amazing article. I am sharing this article with my friends. Best of luck for you and your website. Keep posting this type of article. 

    Thank you

  5. Riding a regular bike is fun, but exhausting. Electric bikes are easy, convenient and accessible, so you’ll be more inclined to ride and exercise. Pedal a lot, or a little, or not at all.   E-bikes make pedaling easier.You can control your speed with your feet, like with a regular bike, “You just feel really powerful and accelerate easily.” In addition to the pedal-assist feature, some e-bikes come with a throttle that engages the motor with the press of a button. Electric bikes are easy, convenient and accessible, so you’ll be more inclined to ride and exercise. 

    How fast can electric bike go? 

    You can go way faster by pedaling, as fast as you are able to pedal. One thing is for sure: e-bikes are cool, fun and convenient to use just as this article  explain. They make you feel like been a kid again. 


    • Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with us. Your comment will keep on our website, and users can access and read your sharing. You are welcome to visit our website often and kindly share with us more of your riding experience. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for writing about electric bikes. Previously, I also have my doubt before investing in electric bikes, because the cost is quite high and I’m not sure if it will be worth for my pleasure and health. I love the effortless side of riding an electric bike, and it seems easy to learn riding it. I’ll consider to buy one. Any tips for the best place to buy it? Thanks

    • Your post of comment is an excellent support for my article. Thank you. In my hand, I have the best buy model selling by Walmart. The specification is unique, and the discount is almost 50%. You can view the E-bike from the link here.

      Goplus 26” 250W 36V Electric Mountain Bicycle       This is mountain bike spec selling with road bike price. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask me. You are welcome to my site to read more information about the electric bike, or you are searching for any parts for replacement. Best Buy Electric Bikes Website

  7. finding a good article does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. after watching the review from the first riding experience, i was just so amazed and i want to give a try.

    • Thank you for your support and comment about electric bikes is convenient and fun to use. The more you use electric bikes, you can discover more comfortable and enjoyable. Yesterday I read some articles from the internet who share experience on sue of electric bikes, saying that the motor of electric bikes is the likes the hand of our parents pushing at the back to make us a smooth ride on our bicycle. Another US writer who lived in Copenhagen said he loves riding every morning go to work, have a sense of freedom and fresh air on the road. I will update my article with this new information. I hope you can continue to support us, giving us comment at your convenience time.

  8. The fact that i have come to learn something tangible from this post is satisfying. The make of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it beautiful. it is even better when you get the experience yourself with one of these bikes. the flexibility and functionality is really impressive.

    • I appreciated very much your support and comment given to me. I need people like you to provide me with feedback to improve my website better. Keep in touch with us. Thank you.


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