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How to buy electric bikes? It is a common question from every buyer. The answer to every buyer may not be the same depending on their needs (purpose of buying), where they stay (in the city or out the town or hilly village), their buying power, and even local regulation. Nobody can give a perfect answer, but we can give our opinion on how to look at buying an electric bike.

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Choose High specification or Low specification?

What is the buyer’s purpose use of buying an electric bike? Knowing the purpose use of purchasing an electric bike can help to decide what kind of specification an electric bike is required. If we can buy the right specification of the electric bike for our daily use for a long time, we will be happy and satisfy without choice.

Higher quality of electric bike means higher specification electric bike with a more durable wheel, more robust frame, bigger motor size, or bigger battery size.

All additional items for more top quality will add significant weight to the total weight of the electric bicycles if you need a lighter electric bike to use for daily activity only. With a higher quality of electric bikes can become a burden and an unpleasant feeling of using an electric bike.

The lower quality of electric bike means the lower specification of electric bike with a smaller and lighter wheel, which cannot ride on a gravel road or hilly area.

The lower specification of the electric bike means the smaller size of battery and motor, which cannot support to ride at high speed or longer travel distance.

When you go for long-distance traveling, the electric bike may need to recharging before reaching your destination. Cannot travel at a higher speed for long-distance can become higher time-consuming. Then you will not have satisfaction with the electric bike you have purchased.

The higher specification also means a higher purchase price. If you need only lower specification can help you save a sum of dollars for other use.

Example of High specification to low specification components:

Shimano Groupset:
  • High Spec – Dura-Ace and Ultegra.
  • Medium Spec – Shimano 105 and Shimano Tiagra.
  • Low Spec – Sora and Claris.
  • High Spec – Shimano 11-speed and Shimano 10-speed.
  • Medium Spec – Shimano 9-speed and Shimano 7-speed.
  • Low Spec – Shimano 6-speed.
Brake System:
  • High Spec – Hydraulic Disc Brake.
  • Medium Spec – Mechanical Disc Brake.
  • Low Spec – Drum Brake and V Brake.
Bike’s Weight:
  • High Spec – Below 20 Kg.
  • Medium Spec – Between 20 Kg to 40 Kg.
  • Low Spec – More than 40 Kg.

The above is for understanding how to differential high spec and low spec only. All component systems mentioned are standard and quality to use.

Which Application is needed, Electric City bike / Electric Folding bike / Electric Mountain bike?

Electric City Bike.
Electric City Bike.
electric folding bike.
electric folding bike
electric mountain bike.
electric mountain bike.

There are many models of electric bikes on the market. We can see there are four primary types of electronic bike selling in the market. The road bike and City bike have a similar function. Leisure or recreation bike has no difference with Folding bike or City Bike.

A flat tire bike has the same characteristic as a shore cruise or gravel bike.

Mountain bikes can be the same as Trail bike.

If you travel to the city where the road is flat and smooth, a city bike or a road bike or folding bike can be your choice.

In some countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, or Laos, the road damaged with holes, or you have to travel on earth with stone; you can consider buying a Flat Tire bike for stability or a Mountain bike for durable use.

If you like hiking in the jungle or adventuring in nature, you should choose a mountain bike, which can stand bumping impact with good suspension absorbed.

Folding Bikes:

A folding bike is a lighter and cheapest bike you can purchase in the market. This bike can be used for short-distance travel and can be carried by hand and use at a particular destination.

Mountain Bikes:

A Mountain bike or Trail bike is a hobby bike for people who are fit to cycle in the narrow and unpredictable jungle road. Riders must be skillful and having vast experience to stable the bumping situation on the gravel road. Puncture safe tire shall include in the specification.

Delfast Bikes:

High speed and long distance Delfast bike are perfect for commercial use. The speed can go as high as 78 km/hr or higher depends on the type of battery installed.

Delfast bike won the World Guinness record in 2018. This type of electric bicycle comes with an emergency stop device for safety reasons. A delivery company heavily uses a Delfast bike. Any buyer who wishes to travel long distances with high speed can consider buying a Delfast Bike.

Choose Motor power and Battery capacity

250W motor is the minimum power requirement for short-distance daily use of electric bikes. 250W motor can install for a city bike, road bike, or folding bike only.

This bike specification is suitable for students to travel to school daily and ideal for workers going to work daily in the city. The battery rating can be 24V 8.0Ah to move the 28 km range.

Motor power rating:

  • High Spec – Above 750W
  • Medium Spec – 350W and 500W
  • Low Spec – 300W and 250W

Battery size:

  • High Spec – Above 500 Wh.
  • Medium Spec – 400 – 500 Wh.
  • Low Spec – Below 400 Wh.

500W motor e used in all type of electric bike depends on what maximum speed you want and how far you want to go. In the market, there are 350W motors install for a city bike, road bike, folding bike for your choice. 750W motor required by Trail bike and mountain bike.

There are 750W motors installed at city bikes or road bikes for higher speed and more extended distance range in one charge. 800W/900W/1000W engines installed in the electric bikes will increase the selling price to a higher level.

How is Road Safety / Local Law?

Road safety is an important consideration to decide whether to use an electric bike or not. Local law plays a vital role in protecting electrical bike rider safety.

If the country has a separate lane for an electric bike, it is very safe to use an electric bike. If local enforce strict law on road safety and most vehicles obey the speed limit, it is also safe for an electric bike rider.

Every country has its law to limit the use of electric bikes. The buyer should find out his local regulation whether a permit is required or not to use an electric bike.

Now many countries promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution, I believed the trend of using an electric bike would increase year by year.

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Before purchase an electric bike, you should check the height of the seat (depend on the length of your leg) for comfortable cycling. You can also discuss accessories items likes a bucket, phone holder, luggage support, rider event recorder, which is not in the standard package.

Many electric bike shops can provide payment monthly for your convenience with shallow interest.

I hope this article can help you decide how to choose the best deal on electric bikes. Please give your comment to help me to improve the content of the material.

See the Youtube video to know how the E-Bike works.

How E-bike works

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  1. Hi! Thank you for calling my attention regarding the laws in my country. I’ll check them out concerning protection for electric bike rider.

    I’m on budget and I would like to buy an electric bike at a reasonable price. So I’ll head of to Bike Berry. Thank you very much for pointing out and warning me regarding all the important issues. I’m grateful I read your post before buying my bike.

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Your registration is very important in choosing a good electric bike.In the case that my office is far from my home, I think I need a high specification bike.Because in this case I have to ride the bike for a long time so high specification will result in a bigger battery and can be used properly every day.In this case I need a Delfast bike and I want to buy this bike.After reading your registration, everyone will know about the procedures and get an idea of ​​what category of bikes is most important and share new experiences with you.

    • Delfast bike is the best I can find in the market. You can buy by monthly pay at $130 per month only. Feedback to me your experience of using electric bike in future. Keep contact with my website. I will tell more story about electric bike.

  3. Thanks a lot for this lot of information, we see people go out for wrong choices of auto mobile expecilly bikes. We don’t consider the required power, the nature of our environment especially the roads, not to talk of the law of our lands.

    I see a lot of folding bikes been engaged on commercial purposes. In a short while the whole bike is wearied out and out of the road

  4. Thank you for this guide. I’ve been scouting the internet looking for a non-fossil fueled way to get to and from school. And then I came across your site. I should look more into the folding bike as it’s lightweight, foldable and still able to take me 5 times to and from school on a single charge. How long would you say the lifetime of 250w battery is? I guess they are replaceable as well when they die? Anyway I definitely gotta check out if this is something I need to save up money for. I’ll bookmark your page. 


    • 250W is refering to motor not battery. Motor is durable to use. No need to worry. Battery has at least 5 years life use. I have source many supplier but I found BikeBerry has better price at US$699 for Nakto 250W Elegant City bike in their stock. 

  5. The electric bike market is expected to register a CAGR of 9.01 % and that tells the story. This is a booming industry and people are switching to electric bikes. While doing some research I came across your informative and insightful post.

    Thanks for the purchase guide. City bike is the one I prefer. You have given me plenty to think about here. This post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of! I am bookmarking your post for future reference.

    I am on a budget and looking for reasonable price e-bike. Your recommendation is very helpful.

    • BikeBerry have a cheap sale model selling price at $699.0 only. The model is Nakto 250W City Elegant display at page 7 of electric bike. Additional info for you. Thanks for feedback. Keep in touch on sharing experience in future.

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article and through your article I learned what to look for in buying an electronic bike.I have an electric bike and I love to ride it  . Folding bike seems to be more useful to me as I am a school student .This bike is very suitable for flat roads and smooth city riding .The specification of this bike is very good. Powerful wheel, powerful frame,powerful battery complete .The power of this bike is great for everyday use and the weight of this bike carries a lot of benefits for me.This electric bike requires 250w of power which is very low .Lastly for all, I would like to say that your article is a very useful article for buying electric bikes and I think everyone reading this article will be very helpful as it is beautifully stated here that what to keep in mind.Soon others will purchase electric bikes and share new experiences like mine .And through your article I learned one more thing about buying these bikes, there are easy installments that will be useful to many.

    • Thanks for sharing folding bike experience. Allow me to quote your name and share in my article? Ok. BikeBerry have a model cheap sale now with price at $699 only. Just info to you.

      Juiced bike has a model discount $700 to sell at $1,499 for 500W Flat Tire Bike. Cheer.

  7. Hi, I think I have been able to get one information or the other on how to get good bikes.
    I am not a lover of bikes by my little cousin has turned me to a stingy aunt for not keeping to my promise all this while, I had always given him one excuse or the other but today I have some knowledge of the bike I want to get for him.
    He would be so happy to ride an electric bike because his previous bike were not electrically powered.

    • I have same case like you. My son keep asking me for a electric bike. But the price range was so wide and many type of model to choose. So I decided to make summary to choose electric bike for him. I pick city bike with higher motor power 350W from Bike Berry for my son. If you need budget price, BikeBerry have a model selling at $699 only. Do not hesitate to buy a electric bike for your little cousin.

  8. Hello Stephen, thank you for sharing this guide on how we can purchase the very best of electric bikes at the best deal. Personally, I’d love to get a high quality electric bike but due to the higher cost, I’ll consider going for a Lowe quality. However, a lower quality bike has a lot of disadvantages, it’s better I go for the high quality electric bike. One with a high motor power and battery size because I’d want it to stay active for far distance travel. Nice tips!

    • Do not give up your own choice for not regret in future. High cost electric has its own value. But do not forgotten battery development for higher speed electric bike is still under in progress by big car manufacturer to be used for motorcycle. One day electric bike can have best battery with low price. Thanks to technical development team.


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