How to avoid COVID19? – to stay operations


Many company or shop was forced to close down during the COVID 19 to avoid the virus spreading to a nearby person.

Shop was forced to close due to COVID 19
The shop was forced to close due to COVID 19

How to avoid COVID19 to stay in operation is a hard question for the company. We have heard that some companies submit the government approved a request for the service. What have they done to get approval for operations? Have they known how to avoid COVOD19? The operating company will not give you a firm answer.

How can a company avoid COVID19 by set up the workplace is a virus-safe environment and maintain a reasonably safe distance for each employee in the working area, to get approval by the local government for operation? The government may want the company to do more to ensure the employee has safe conditions to avoid COVID19.

Or some companies would like to put the bet that this kind of COVID19 is only an isolated case, then everything is beautiful, and no other action is required to avoid COVID19. COVID19 is going over in a short period.

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To know more about the virus: Read “Virus in Food” from WHO.

How can a company avoid COVID19 to stay in the operations?

The cost impact of stop operation is significant to every affected company. To prepare with the right arrangement to avoid the operation stoppage is a good business idea. How can a company ensure all employee is safe to prevent COVID19?

A. There are two orders from the local government given to every company to avoid COVID19.

  1. Allow as many employees to work at home to reduce traveling activities. It is a hint to us, is it becoming standard practice in the future?

    Many people accept work at home after COVID 19
    Many people accept work at home after COVID 19
  2. Must keep a safe distance of one-meter width in the office seating – Will it becomes a social practice after COVID19?

B. Reduce employee travel time to a minimum by arranging to work at home to avoid COVID19.

  1. 100% work at home once per week go to the office – Select at least 25% of workers to work at home.
  2. Soft blend with work at home and work at the office or outside the office – Select at least 15% of senior employees to work with the Flexi-time schedule.
  3. 100% work at plant or office – The remaining employee worked in an office or plant with a safe distance arrangement.
  4. The percentage of the home-based employee and Flexi-time based employee can be different from each company.

<<<   Readjust the salary package is possible for the home-based and Flexi-time based employee.   >>>

C. Selection of positions to work at home or Flexitime to avoid COVID19 as much as possible.

Work at homeFlexi-timeWork at office or plant
HR StaffTop managementProduction Manager
Account StaffManagerWarehouse Supervisor
Finance StaffSuperintendentWH contract Supervisor
Procurement StaffEngineerProduction Engineer
Marketing StaffTrainerOperators
Engineering StaffWarehouse StaffGeneral workers
Production PlannerStorekeeper
Sales RepresentativesFitters
Instrument Staffs
Electrical Staffs
Security Guards

<<<   The position in the table is just an idea and not a “MUST” to follow.   >>>

D. The company who want to practice the home schedule for its employee needs to have a few infrastructures – keep the employee in its location to avoid COVID 19.

  • The company needs a central server or a secure website platform for its management and documentation. All documents must be created, edit, and stored in the company platform. Creating a report from an external source is not accepted.
  • All home or Flexi-time employees must equip with a media conference and familiar to use it.
  • All home or Flexi-time employees must wear an Atria tracker during working hours. It does all-day activity tracking of the worker to record in the company server. Every employee must have at least 8 hours of tracking record for each working day to entitle for the salary payment.

    Use of Atria Tracker to track worker's activity
    Use of Atria Tracker to track worker’s activity

Please purchase directly with FitTrack –

E. The office or plant working place needs to make a new arrangement to ensure proper ventilation and safe distance for each employee to avoid COVID19.

  • Every office room must have ventilation to continue to replace with clean, fresh air. Or installing an HVAC system to keep a slight positive pressure in the building. Internal air circulation is prohibited.
  • Each seating distance maintains one meter wide. If possible, provide an isolated room for all working staff.

    HRD to make office arrangement after COVID 19 to keep a safe distance.
    HRD to make office arrangement after COVID 19 to keep a safe distance.
  • Use display media or audio media to remind an employee to keep a safe distance when meeting each other.
  • Keep washing basin or toilet, clean after use.
  • Shake hand is prohibited.
  • Use a mask if sick or cough.
  • Use display media or audio media to remind employees to keep a safe distance frequently.

<<<   A disciplinary action may need to enforce if the employee does not follow the safe distance.   >>>

<<<   See Youtube video – Six steps to prevent COVID19.   >>>

F. Keep all employees physically and mentally healthy with the health program – improve the chance of recovery from COVID19.

Have you seen that many patients recovered from COVID19 by their immune system even a doctor declares them has slight hope for redemption?

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A company with employees working at home or Flexitime, including office employee, need to install health program into the working schedule to keep them physically and mentally healthy.

<<<   Health programs need proper planning to get a positive result.   >>>

G. The company can install some break time for them; the following activities can arrange by HR welfare staff – These activities are essential to carry out during the lock-down period.

  • Thirty minutes of healthy exercise in the early morning – three times per week. It is a simple stretching or quick walk exercise to get our heart healthy.
  • A fifteen minutes refreshing time – twice per day. A relaxed time for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Arrange a team-building activity in the plant – once per week for each office employee. It is under the morning sun activity and encourages the employee to plant more trees for the environment – Activity under the sun can boost vitamin D for our body.

    HRD to arrange a Team building program for employee once per month.
    HRD to arrange a Team building program for employees once per month.

Read the post about vitamin D, how sunlight can help to improve our health.

the post about Vitamin D.

  • Make a birthday celebration for the employee whose birthday falls on that month. The company will send a birthday cake to the employee’s house on the date of their birthday. It is worth doing, making employees proud to work for us – to keep employees mentally healthy.

<<<   The break time program gives employee relaxation and improves their body health   >>>

H. The company can promote outside sports activities for an employee to participate after working hours – These activities can implement after the lock-down is released.

  • Set a sports competition in every quarter – badminton in the first quarter.
  • Employee to fill the form to request the cour rental for practicing – HR will make the rental.
  • Do not rent a badminton court for the whole year – it will become a waster of money.
  • Volleyball competitions can get more employees to participate.
  • Bowling competition will be welcome by any employee.
  • Mini sports day is also a good idea for all employees.

    HR arrange a sport day for employee once per year.
    HR arrange a sports day for the employee once per year.

<<< Sports activities can bring management and employees closer during the playing game together.   >>>

I. The company can arrange cycling hiking once per month – a lot of good memory photos can publish in the company annual report – These activities can implement after the lock-down is released.

  • Every employee has to attend one-time cycling hiking once per year to entitle for a better appraisal ranking.
  • HR staff to arrange the hiking location, electric bikes, and necessaries to bring for the hiking.
  • HR staff to invite all participants to confirm the leaving date/time together.
  • Our hiking trip using electric bikes for adding funs to all employees. Electric bikes are easy and convenient to ride by employees.
  • HR staff will use the cargo bikes to carry most of the necessary things for the trip.
  • Most of the employees like the hiking trip. Some of them using their electric bikes to join in the tour.

<<<   The company always gain productivity to keep the employees physically and mentally healthy.   >>>

J. Use eco-friendly energy and vehicles to combat climate change – a better environment helps to reduce the virus’s growth.

To know more about the virus: Read “Virus in Food” from WHO.

<<<   Support nation to battle climate change gets a credit point for social care responsibility.   >>>

J.1. Use of solar energy for lighting.

The company can invest some funds for solar panels in the office or plant buildings to generate electricity for lighting use in the building and outside the compound.

A small contribution to green energy is better than doing nothing. Many managers do not put any afford into actual corporate social care programs. The likely task that they like to do is donating some funds to the school or community. At the end, where is the money goes, nobody will care about it.

J.2. Use of electric vehicles for daily commuting to work.

A luxury gasoline car is much expensive than the price of an electric vehicle, which priced at $20,000 to $40,000 only. While the electric motorcycle priced at $15,000, which is too expensive to consider. Electric bikes are the most economical and the most energy-efficient vehicle to buy.

Electric car is zero carbon emission helps to keep air quality clean.
Electric cars are zero carbon emission helps to keep air quality clean.

Many companies are paying the transport allowance every month to their employees. For the long-term, it is a significant sum of fund use. Let us assume the transport allowance is $100 per month to compare with invest an electric bike to use for five years.

Electric bicycle is zero carbon emission helps to keep air quality clean.
An electric bicycle is zero carbon emission helps to keep air quality clean

Keep the atmosphere air clean by using Tesla electric bicycle

Electric BikeTransport allowance
Initial investment$1,0000
1st year$70$1,200
2nd year$70$1,200
3rd year$70$1,200
4th year$70$1,200
5th year$70$1,200
Total cost$1,350$6,000

From the table, you can see the payback of investing in an electric bike is less than one year. After five years, the cost-saving can buy another four units of electric bikes. After the first five years, electric bikes still can continue use for another ten years. Why not replace the transport allowance with an investment in electric bikes for your employees? At the same time, we show the right image to our nation; we are a socially responsible care company.


How to stay operations in the prolonged COVID19 is an achievable target.

With the new working arrangement, the employees have less contact with outsiders.

The break health program gives relaxation to the employee with some mild exercise to keep their heart-healthy. Promotion of various sports activities and cycling hiking is to occupy most of the employee’s free time to maintain the employees to stay together as a family.

The company environment can improve without the use of gasoline vehicles. The use of solar panels can help to bring down outside temperatures by one to two degrees C, thus saving energy for air-conditioning.

In the company annual report, you can see many items of cost-saving likes transportation, electricity usage, medical and hospitalization cost, and employee absentee is low. Supporting the battle against climate change and the use of green energy can bring the company image to a higher level. Especially if the company can prove, his employee is safe from COVID19 infection with full operations in a hard time.

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  1. I’m glad to have come across your post and appreciate you taking so much effort to write about it. Working from home definitely is preferable to distancing one-meter in the office. The work at home versus work at office table paints a picture and you can really see the level of fairness. Group exercise is a great idea and can be done from home. Climate change is another important topic and from Covid we can see just how much of an impact greenhouse gases have on the environment. Great topic and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    • After COVID19, the company should take care of the employee like one family., Our firm will, and our immune system can battle COVID19. For the long-term to live with COVID19, we need sound defense for everybody. I hope many people can give their opinions to avoid COVID19. Thank you for giving strong support to our article. Keep in touch.

  2. Strange times we live in which is slowly changing the way we live our lives. Leaders say they want to open the economy and there are both those that buy the idea and others that oppose it. Whatever the case may be if people are to go back to work then the government really needs to know that the place of work would be a safe place for people to work so we can see the end of this pandemic. 

    The guidelines that have been laid out though not perfect but still are quite good enough. I am not entirely sure how else it can be done better than this. People’s lives are important but if the economy shuts down that is going to be another pandemic of its own. 

    People need to be able to fend for themselves which means they have to go to work but the workplace has to have guidelines that would enable it to be a safe place to work. 

    • Life is a miracle. Life can find his way to survive. We have to believe it. After COVID19, the company should take care of the employee like one family., Our firm will, and our immune system can battle COVID19. Our scientists will find solutions to cure COVID19. For the long-term to live with COVID19, we need sound defense for everybody. I hope many people can give their opinions to avoid COVID19. 

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