Copenhagen is a Bikes City


Copenhagen is a bikes city with an exceptional and outstanding number of bikes than people. A city can never reach the name of the best bikes city if its people do not like bike riding. The bike riding culture in Copenhagen is pretty unique. Most kids bring up by family using bicycles as the only means of transport in the city. Baby kids sitting at the rear rack of the bikes with parent cycling has become their living memory.

Mother riding with children in the bike city
Mother riding with children in the bike

Cycling is a good habit of Copenhageners

Copenhageners have developed a good habit that is cycling to works or schools in the morning and in the evening go back to take dinner at home. In the summertime from June to August, the average day temperature is 19 C Copenhageners will like to go sunbathing, surfing, swimming, and picnics. And the wintertime in February is pretty cold with the average temperature below 0 C, Copenhageners like to cycle out to the cafe to drink a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate, or invites friends to their house for social gatherings.

Take a coffee after work in a bike city.
Take a coffee after work

Cycling Is A Health culture for Copenhageners

Cycling has become a healthy culture for all Copenhageners, thus most visitors can recognize that Copenhagen is a healthy bike city. Visitors can easily rent a bike at any corner of the bike city for site seeing or leisurely riding.

Cycling Is A Culture of Copenhagen

With the unique cycling culture in the country, Denmark is ranking as the “Happiest country in the world.” in 2019. The commercials and industrials of Copenhagen city provide a balanced work-life for the workers and staff. The city designates modern urban life with cycle lanes, cafes, music, and sports for Copenhageners.

Cycling Helps Copenhagen A Best Place To Stay And Visit

Copenhagen city is a blend of ancient buildings and modernized malls giving the Copenhageners a high level of living satisfaction. Biking in Copenhagen city has improved the air quality index giving health assurance to all citizens. In the city, visitors can enjoy walking in the fairy-like parks with relaxation, thanks to the bikes city.

Copenhagen is a bike city through a series of promotional campaigns and city development.

From 1881 to 1930

  • In 1881, Dansk Bicycle Club is the first significant cycling club in Copenhagen founded. The club sparked more and more interest in cycling.
  • By 1890, there were around 2500 bikes in use around Copenhagen.
  • The city’s first bicycle path on Esplanaden opened for public use in 1892.
  • In 1905 the Danish Cycling Federation was founded. It was a non-government group dedicated to looking after the interests of cyclists all around Denmark.
  • In 1907, the number of bikes increased explosively to 80,000.
  • In 1930, Morten Rassmussen Mortensen, invented the Long John Bicycle, making the bike more practical for casual use, mainly go for shopping.

    Long John Bicycle in a bike city
    Long John Bicycle in a bike city

From 1934 to 1980

  • In 1934, the first six-day cycling race held at Copenhagen’s large fair-ground building.
  • Cycling continued to gain traction with annual cycling races and an increase in the number of cyclists in the city.
  • In 1980, Lars Engstrom built the first Christiana cargo bike, which was the iconic Copenhagen cargo bicycle for many years. Its basket was reasonably large, making it a handy thing to have for families living in a cycling-friendly city.

    Christiana cargo bike in a bike city
    Christiana cargo bike in a bike city

From 1980 to 2009

  • In 1980 – 1989,  A bicycle messenger company was established in the city, using bike couriers to make deliveries. Bike couriers became very common in the town, and today a lot of small packages are delivered in this manner.
  • In 1995, bike rental started in Copenhagen.
  • In 1997, the campaign start encouraged people to cycle to work instead of driving.  Until now, still on-going.
  • In 2006, Bryggebroen bridge, made just for cyclists and pedestrians, was officially opened.
  • In 2000 – 2009, the cycling infrastructure in Copenhagen continues to grow and grow.
  • In 2008, Union Cyclists International declared Copenhagen is the world’s first bike city.
  • In 2009,  the police force started using bicycles for patrols.

From 2011 to 2013

  • In 2011,  World Championship in Road Cycling took place in Copenhagen.
  • In 2012 and 2013, two super-highways opened up for public use—the super-highways precisely what they sound like, a highway, for bicycles.
  • In 2013, the city also began launching a new series of city bikes.

You can read more details about Copenhagen here from Wiki.

How the bike city affecting Copenhageners?

About 75% of the citizen’s cycle all year-round. The biking life in Copenhagen looks relaxing, and most importantly, no speedy motorist threatens their safety on the city road.

Biking to work in a bike city
Biking to work in a bike city

Heavy Cycling By Social Groups

  • A city taxi is a cargo bike that can bring you anywhere you want.
  • Police using the bicycle for patrolling the town. The post office also uses bikes to deliver mails or parcels to the public.
  • Deliveries even choose to use bikes to deliver their goods to customers.
  • The parliament members showed their strong support to use bicycles to win their votes.
  • 58% of school-aged children cycle to school, meaning that cycling, which is already a massive part of Copenhagen’s society, is going to continue to grow as cycling becomes a part of people’s lives from a very early age.

Bicycle As First Choice By Copenhageners

  • 56% of the Copenhageners choose the bicycle because it is the fastest and convenient to use. Copenhagen street designed for cyclists and a lot of parking racks to park their bikes. Driving a car to look for a parking lot in Copenhagen take more minutes than driving to the destination.
  • The citizen is more likely to choose to cycle a bike instead of driving a car. Bicycles are small; traffic doesn’t slow them down by much, even there is a significant number of them. Local government has restricted the car speed to protect the cyclists; cars have no advantage in terms of speed on the road.
  • More than 55% of the Copenhageners use bikes for daily commute to work or school.
  • 29% of Copenhageners prefer to use the bicycle because it is the cheapest in transport costs.
  • 63% of the members of Parliament cycle to their job daily.
  • 17% of families with children own a “cargo bike,” which is a bicycle with a large storage area attached. Parents very often bring their small children out with the cargo bike or going to a nearby mall for shopping for some groceries.

Are cyclists pleased with Copenhagen is a bikes city

The most population is glad for Copenhagen is a bikes city

95% of the citizen is glad for Copenhagen is a bikes city. Traffic has cut down, vehicle fatalities have rarely seen, pollution levels in the city have dropped significantly, and cycling helps keep people fit and improve stamina, so the population is, on average, more physically active.

<<  Do you want your city to be a bikes city? Please give your comments to us.  >>

Bicycle rack in a bike city
Bicycle rack in a bike city

Parking facilities in Copenhagen

29% of the citizen is pleased with the bike parking facilities only. 71% are either looking for the government to put more work into tidying the facilities up, keeping their bikes safe from theft, or they simply want more facilities built.  The Copenhagen government has installed 48,000 bike racks, and 429 Km of cycling path for all the cyclists is a great achievement.

Bicycle Facilities

50% of the citizens are happy with the width of the bike paths. The other 50% of people are hoping for the full bicycle path with safe protection.

Public Transports

60% of the citizen is satisfied with the combination of bike and public transport. Danes transit is poor efficiency as feedback by his authority. Danish State Railways (DSB), is serving the entire country.

Electric public transport in a bike city
Electric public transport in a bike city

Bike Path Maintenance

61% are happy with the maintenance of the bike path. As cycling is such a big deal in the city, the local government takes preservation very seriously and work hard all year round.

City Road Safety

76% of the citizen feels safe in the traffic in Copenhagen. Cycling is a lot safer, especially when there are more cyclists and fewer motorists. The most significant danger to cyclists is motorists.

Bike Rack

76% are pleased with the number of bike racks – There are 650,000 bikes, 48,000 bike racks, and 429 Km of cycling path just in the boundary of Copenhagen city.

How are Copenhagen facilities support cyclists’ needs?

20 Corporate Bicycle Entities

There are 20 corporate entities based in Copenhagen dedicated to designing and building bicycles. The locally designed cargo bike is unique and is not seen in our country, especially the long john cargo bike, which I have shown two pictures on this page.

A big number of bicycle stores

There are nearly 300 bicycle stores around Copenhagen city catering to its many riders. If you visit Copenhagen, the first thing to do is rent a bike and riding around the town to feel the relaxed lifestyle of the locals. The environment is clean and greenest with plenty of beautiful flowers that look likes a fairy place.

There are many fairy tale parks in the bike city.
There are many fairy tale parks in the bike city.

Local government maintenance program

The local government takes preservation very seriously and all year round to repair damages to the paths, putting up signals, and of cleaning up the roads in the winter. According to the report, the local government in Copenhagen spends a small budget to maintain the bicycle path. But other cities have to pay a significant annual budget to construct or repair highways to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles on the road.

Huge quantity of abandoned bikes

There are over 16,000 abandoned bikes recovered every year, which is a significant burden on the city. The local government has to set up a task team to investigate the real reason for abandoned such a vast number of bikes. May have to register all the bikes with the owner’s name to keep in the record for tracking who is responsible for an abandoned bicycle.

Electric Bikes Theft Case is high

Theft is a big problem in Copenhagen; bicycle locks can be easily open by robbery. Every year, around 18,000 bicycles reported stolen. The local police have to put up more afford to overcome the theft issue.

Conclusion :

For a city to follow Copenhagen’s footsteps to become a bike city is not an individual task. Every citizen must be aware of the seriousness of air pollution in their town. Their health cost reflected in the hospital bill every year. The polluted air damaged our lungs, our blood, and our brain.

We have to cut down polluted air away from our town to keep us healthy. The dense population areas need fresh air for everybody to breathe. Are we going to vote to convert our city the same as Copenhagen? The vote is in your hand. Tell me about your idea.

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