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What are the best gifts for senior parents we can offer to express our love and be thankful for bringing us up with the best education given to us? The senior parents are our closer people who have suffered in their young time to give us everything we have now.

Do you know the senior citizens’ Population keeps increasing in every corner of the world? Every family has the responsibility to take care of their top parents well. Many countries are aware of this group of people. The senior citizens are taking care of very well in many well-developed countries in Europe.

Senior citizens’ populations in each country:

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  • China has 11.9% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 19.8 million.
  • India has 6.1% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 5.18 million.
  • The United States has 16% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 8.44 million.
  • Japan has 28.2% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 10.07 million.
  • Russia has 14.6% of senior citizens above 65 years old, which is 3.127 million.
  • Brazil has 8.5% of senior citizens above 65 years old, which is 1.51 million.
  • Germany has 21.4% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 3.8 million.
  • Indonesia has 5.6% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 0.85 million.
  • Italy has 22.8% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 3.14 million.
  • France has 20.3% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 2.67 million.
  • The United Kingdom has 18.3% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 2.24 million.
  • Pakistan has 4.3% of senior citizens above 65 years old, that is 0.4 million.

From these 12 countries, the total number of senior citizens Population calculated at 61.227 million. This Population can contribute to a big market demand for electric bikes, which is best suitable for senior citizens to exercise.

  • Japan, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the USA have a higher percentage of senior citizens means senior citizens are much healthy to stay in these countries. Most of these countries have higher usage of electric bikes for their senior parents. The best gifts for senior parents are bicycles that they are using daily commuting when they are young.

What is the best exercise for senior citizens?


In the marathon run, we can see many senior citizens participate in the race. Can we conclude that jogging can be the best exercise for senior citizens? The answer is yes for some senior citizens who have started practicing jogging when their age is still 55+. For the senior citizens to start jogging in the 65+ is a bit tough for them.

Seniors jogging is good for health
Seniors jogging is good for health.


We can see a few senior citizens in the badminton court joined badminton games with the young adults. Can badminton is the best exercise for senior citizens? We are sure that this kind of activity is risky for senior citizens—only a few senior citizens have been playing badminton since he is young. We are doubtful that they can continue to play badminton until his last day.

Tai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi and Yoga can be a good exercise for some senior citizens, but not all senior citizens. Not many senior citizens have the patience to follow every step of instruction to practice Tai Chi or Yoga.

Seniors joined a yoga class
Seniors joined a yoga class.

Other Outdoor Sports

Football, basketball, volleyball is too fast for senior citizens to cope up. They can become a significant abundance to his team.

Can you find a sports activity that can be best for every senior citizen to accept for their regular daily exercise? Electric bikes workout is gentle or null, can be fully controlled by your senior’s parents. The price is affordable for you since seniors parents do not need either mountain bikes or speedy bikes. Let me recommend to you the electric bikes suitable as the best gifts for senior parents.

Best Gift for senior parents:

Proposal #1 – NAKTO 22 inches Electric Bikes:

NAKTO 22 inches Electric Bike suitable for seniors to go shopping.
NAKTO 22 inches Electric Bike suitable for seniors to go shopping.
  • Motor – 250W
  • Battery – 36V 10Ah
  • Max Speed – 25 mph
  • Travel Range – 30 to 40 miles
  • Load capacity – 250 Lbs
  • Free shipping for USA and UK buyers.
  • View Current Price      “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Propose #2 – SWAGTRON EB9 Step-Through Electric City Bike

SWAGTRON EB9 Step-through E-bike is the perfect choice for seniors
SWAGTRON EB9 Step-through E-bike is the perfect choice for seniors
  • Motor – 250W
  • Battery – 36V
  • Max Speed – 16 mph
  • Travel Range – 28 miles
  • Load Capacity – 120 Kg
  • Free shipping for the USA and UK buyers

View Current Price    “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Please be reminded, electric bikes with a high crossbar are not suitable for seniors to use.

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Why is exercise crucial to senior citizens?

Physically And Mentally Impact

Aging can lead to several kinds of molecular and cellular damage over time. Senior citizens facing a gradual decline in physical and mental capacity tend to increase infection by disease and, finally, death. Some senior citizens face the impact of retirement or termination, relocation to the new living arrangement, and the destruction of partners, friends, and relatives. For most senior citizens, mental health issue constitutes a critical aspect of health problems.

Live Independently Is Their Dream

Do not treat your senior citizens as a useless person; it is cruel and unfair to them. Giving food and prepare a room for them to rest or sleep is not enough for them. You unintentionally consider they are no more need for anything. They have worked a whole life to bring us up to be independent and capable of surviving by ourselves. We can do something for our senior citizens if we care for them.

<<  Help senior parents maintained healthy is the best gift for senior citizens?  >>

Benefits of Electric Bikes for Senior Parents

  • To improve physical fitness, they need regular exercise. What kind of activity can be their liking and unintentionally boost up their physical health and mentality.
  • To avoid getting sick – they need a location with better air quality.
  • To be independent and sufficient can give them pride and freedom to live – they need a convenient daily commuting vehicle. Bikes must be cost-efficient. Regular bikes may not serve a full purpose for senior citizens. Electric bikes can be used for exercise, and research finds out that electric bikes provide brain benefits for senior citizens.

    Happy seniors enjoy cycling
    Happy seniors enjoy cycling.

What is the best gift for our senior parents?

We can do the best thing for our beloved senior citizens to find the right place for them to stay for the rest of their life. We can consider buying electric bikes for them to use as daily commuting.

<<   A retirement homestay + electric bikes is the best gift for seniors.  >>

Your senior parents can use electric bikes to go shopping together. Sometimes they can use the electric bike to get some exercise. Since this is an electric bike, there is no worry that they cannot cycle up a slope, or when they are tired, the motor can bring them back home safely.

Cycling Seniors are healthy and happy.
Cycling Seniors are healthy and happy.

With the help of electric bikes, you can let your senior parents live independently. And electric bikes will keep them physically fit and mentally healthy if they regularly use them. They have pride and freedom to live by themselves. They can make new friends from the neighborhood. Your financial support given to them will be minimum and not stressful for you.

Where to find the retirement house for our senior parents?

If you cannot find the right village house in your country for your senior parents, you can consider relocating your parents to live in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a friendly country for foreigners, low in living expenses, and many places still have fresh air suitable for retired senior citizens.

The 13-acre project will boast accommodations and care facilities for the elderly similar to retirement villages found in western countries.

A best retirement village in Ipoh for seniors
The best Retirement village in Ipoh for Seniors

These units will rent out on a lifetime basis, with prices starting from RM300,000. The tenants pay a monthly maintenance fee of RM300.

Read more about a developer.

See Youtube video:

GreenAcres Retirement Village

Where to buy electric bikes for seniors? is the best purchase place for electric bikes. What are the benefits for a customer to buy from

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  • Free delivery for US continental and UK. Delivery by reputation courier services, DHL, UPS, or FedEx. The delivery cost is minimum. Amazon will arrange the shipment to you from the nearest warehouse to reduce shipping costs and early reach your location.
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  • Advance payment to is safe and guaranteed. No possibility of scamming your advance payment or product specification is different.


Our senior parents are essential and responsible for carrying out when they are still physically strong and mentally healthy. Please do not wait until our parents are weak and sick. The cost of supporting them can increase significantly. Please help them to find a green budget place to stay for the rest of their life. Buy electric bikes for them to use to keep them physically fit to live by themselves safely and independently. Your burden to support them is lighter and easy to manage.

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  1. What a great post, because my parents are also retired, as you said, exercise is also very important for the elderly, and where I live, there is a lack of exercise tools or places suitable for the elderly, but My father liked bikes very much when he was young, so I plan to buy him an electric bike suitable for the elderly. The information you share provides very useful information. Thank you.

    • I am happy I can do some help to you and your parent. Thank you for comment and support given to us. Enjoy your days with your beloved parents. Cheers

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting article, I can really see the benefits of this kind of assisted exercise for seniors. Not only will they benefit from the exercise, but also the fresh air. It’s a much healthier way to get around.

    I was wondering however what the maximum power output is on these bikes before they may be considered to be a moped. I suppose this may depend upon the country you are from. Also, are you required by law to wear a safety helmet?

    • You are right; every country has a different law. Internationally, accept 250W as a bicycle with a speed limit below 20 mph. 250W is already sufficient to climb any steep slope in the city. Higher motor power gives extra speed and long distance only. A moped cannot use on bicycle lanes but can use on the road likes to another vehicle. May needs registration, and insurance solely depends on your local government. On the road needs a helmet. Thanks for your comment and support given to us. Have a nice day with your parents.

  3. Electric Bikes are not my thing because I need real exercise, but that makes me selfish because with that thinking I will not buy it for my parents. I have not met a site designed to care for senior citizens. About the exercise, really this article has got me thinking about my parents, I don’t know what exercise is best for them. Let me think some more. Thank you for the article.

    • You get the point; we have to take care of our parents. They should choose an exercise suitable for your parents. When your parents like your age, they use a bicycle in older times. That is why I believe they can like it. You are concern about your parents; I hope you enjoy a good time with your parents. Thank you for your comment and support given to our site.


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