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A 100 miles range electric bike is suitable for the riders who need to travel 30 to 40 miles per day or delivery men who use electric bikes to deliver cargo. The minimum travel range per day for a delivery man is estimated at 40 miles to 70 miles if they are preparing to do delivery work for more than 8 hours. One of the electric bike weaknesses is the short use of the battery. The rider has to stop their journey or stop delivering the cargoes to look for a possible charging location. Normally, the charging time at least needs two hours.

How to proper use of the travel range?

A travel range depends on the rider’s style (or how you use the motor to assist your riding), rider+bike weight, slope angle, road roughness condition, and headwind strength. The main impact is the weight of the rider, the higher the rider’s weight, the shorter the travel range. The higher the level of the assist supported by the motor, the shorter the travel range. Electric bikes are designed with eco-mode for you to reach the highest travel range. Normally level 1 or 2 motor-assisted is the eco mode to use for getting longer travel distance.

Is 100 miles range electric bike a future market trend?

With the growth of the electric bike market and battery development, a 100 miles range electric bike will be taking up the whole market in the next 2 to 3 years. The riders demand not only for long-distance travel but also the higher speed of traveling. The moped bike or electric motorcycle will grow explosively in the next five years to satisfy the rider needs. In the market, we can see growing in the number of the 100 miles range electric bikes.

Which electric bike has the longest range?

Model #1 – DELFAST PRIME 2.0 is a bike with the most capacious battery in the world. The only e-bike with the 367 Km ranges for one charge. The Guinness world record in 2017 for the longest range commercially available e-bike (228 miles or 367 km).

The battery used by DELFAST PRIME 2.0 is 48V 70 Ah 13S 20P Samsung 3500 mah with Bluetooth smart BMS. The battery capacity is calculated at 3360 Wh. The motor spec is 1500W QS/ Torque 135 N.m. The three-speed setting is 15mph / 20mph / 28mph in the controller. The frame is Patented reinforced, high tensile steel. The front fork is Zoom 680DH. The rear suspension is DNM RCP-2S (1000LBS). With DELFAST PRIME 2.0, you can go anywhere you want with endless power to support the riding.

DELFAST PRIME 2.0 with a travel range of 236 miles and a three-speed setting at 15mph/20mph/28mph for riding at the rider’s convenience.

Model #2 – Raleigh Centros 500wh LowStep / Crossbar 700c derailleur Electric Bike has a travel range of 190 Km. The battery is Bosch Power Tube 500Wh, 36V combined with an energy-efficient Motor – Bosch Active Line Plus. The electric bike with an approximate weight of 26.3kg.

Raleigh Centros Step-through Electric Bike is a subtle, discreet, and stylish electric bike with 100 miles plus range. The Active Line Plus motor has been re-designed to offer a completely noise-free experience and can perform over 1,000 measures per second to ensure the optimum level of assistance throughout your ride. The front suspension fork is Suntour Nex suspension fork 63mm travel to provide smooth riding on any road surface. The saddle provided is the world’s most comfortable saddle from Selle Royal. You will certainly want to be the owner of Raleigh Centros LowStep or CrossBar for your daily commuting or long touring to the city 100 miles away.

Raleigh Centros 500wh electric bike is the great choice for delivery men to deliver parcels or foods in long working hours with ease of mind to re-charge the battery.

Raleigh Centros 500Wh LowStep/CrossBar Electric Bikes is a 100 miles range electric bike – the best choice for long-distance touring to the next city or use for delivery purposes.

Model #3 – QWIC Premium MN7VV Urban Electric Bike with a travel range of 130 miles. The battery chosen is 735 Wh NCM LI-ion CAN-Bus Aluminum casing. The motor is Bafang M400 mid-drive motor with 80 Nm torque. The approximate bike’s weight is 24.7 kgs.

If you’re a delivery rider often getting off and on the bike, or a commuter with mobility issues, the Comfort frame with low step-through access makes getting on the bike undemanding and trouble-free. The MN7vv is an award-winning e-bike in the Netherland – Bafang mid-drive, suspension seat post, and sprung front fork. All components for the MN7 we strongly focused on reliable materials that guarantee minimal maintenance.

The technology you get from QWIC Premium MN7VV is Suntour CR8 suspended front fork, Shimano Nexus 7 hub gear + gearshift sensor, Schwalbe Energizer Life, Bafang LCD console, and Shimano Deore V-brakes.

QWIC MN7VV LowStep Urban Electric Bike is a 100 miles range electric bike – the best choice for long-distance touring or use for delivery purposes.

Model #4 Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ Electric Bike has a travel range of 120 miles. The battery used is Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh + 160Wh extended battery. The motor is energy efficient Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor. SL means the bike is super light, about 40% lighter than the average e-bike which is about 25 to 30 Kgs.

Vado: it means “I go.” Cruising past traffic and arriving faster to work than your coworkers. Shimano Deore, Shadow Plus, GS cage, 10-speed provide you a satisfactory riding quality. The low resistance Nimbus II Sport Reflect, 700x38mm tires ensure your ease riding afford and energy efficient for longer distance.

The technology you get from Specialized Turbo Vado SL is E5 Aluminum, Fitness/Transportation Geometry Frame, bottom bracket motor mount, fully integrated down tube battery, internal cable routing, fender/rack mounts, Smooth Welds, reflective graphics Frame, Rigid full aluminum disc, Boost™ 12x110mm, front- rack-compatible Forks, Shimano Deore, RapidFire Plus, 10-speed w/ Optical Gear Display Shift Levers, Tektro HD-R290, hydraulic disc, 160mm dual brakes, and Bridge Sport, Steel rails, 155mm Saddle.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Electric Bike has a travel range of 120 miles using Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh + 160Wh extended battery.

Model #5 FIIDO L2 Folding Electric Bike is the cheapest 100 miles range electric bike. The battery sizing is 48V 20Ah which is equivalent to 960 Wh. The motor power is 350W. The travel range was claimed at 180 Km or 111 miles with pedal-assisted mode.

The maximum speed is set at 25 Km/Hr with load capacity at 120 Kgs. The front fork is spring suspension forks, and the rear is also spring suspension for comfortable long riding. The rear seat can convert to the delivery rack with an allowable load at 31.5 Kgs. If you are looking for 100 miles plus range electric bikes at an affordable price, FIIDO L2 is your best choice. FIIDO L2 does not have luxury components but is a quality bike to use on the city road.

FIIDO L2 Folding Electric Bike has a big battery size of 48V 20Ah which is equivalent to 960 Wh to support a travel range of 111 miles using pedal-assisted mode.


Many 100 miles range electric bikes in the market, like DELFAST TOP 3.0, have a travel range of 174 miles. I dropped it due to the high price not matching our website mission to search best buy electric bikes for our visitors.

For QWIC urban bike is not my affiliate bike but you can visit to the Urban Bikes to view QWIC bike if you like it through attached direct link at the bike image.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL is the best quality bike worth your money. DELFAST PRIME 2.0 is the world number one long-distance electric bike; if you need to travel such a long distance frequently, it will give you the pride to have it and serve you for high satisfaction.

Raleigh Centros and FIIDO L2 are the most economical to consider for investment if you are a beginner looking for an electric bike for daily commuting for work or you need long-distance touring to the next city to visit your family members.

I hope you like the recommendation of 100 miles ranges electric bike. If you have any opinions or questions, please leave your feedback in our comment form. We are happy to hear from you and will surely approve and reply to your message. Please do not hesitate to give us your opinions to improve us.

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  1. Hello Stephen, there are so many conditional factors that should be considered before getting a bike and sometimes we really do not pay attention to it and just go on to get these bikes. The idea of weight and how far the distance you cover matters a lot and when you don’t look at this and then go on to get a bike, you feel sad and call the bike a bad one. This article is an eye-opener for all. Cheers

    • The electric bike development is just a beginning. In order to satisfy the rider needs, space technology has started applied on the electric bike component for the finest performance. In fact, many budget electric bikes will slow down to preserve energy for climbing. You have to choose a higher torque motor but not a higher power rating to ensure energy efficiency for your electric bike. Thank you very much for your comment giving us a lot of encouragement. You are welcome to visit us frequently.

  2. Oh, this is a very good bike and it is really nice to see that it is a possibility for me to try to buy this very good looking bike. I’m definitely going to try to purchase this that you shared. Thank you very much for sharing the information about it. I’ve been searching for a good bike like this one for a while.

    • I am happy to hear that 100 miles range electric bike is suitable for you. Choose a small power motor with torque higher than 34 will be better for climbing slope and energy-efficient for a longer distance. I hope you find your match electric bike soon. Thank you very much for your comment to give us the strength to continue writing the article.

  3. I’ve actually never travelled on a bike but I’ve owned an electric bike before now and I really enjoyed using it before my cousin came to carry it. I really love these bikes, they’re nice and they have really cool specifications, I’d really love to get one with a long Mile range but I think 100 miles is a lot of distance so these ones should do.

    • Most riders do not like to worry about the battery drain out. When the rider has a sudden need to go for long riding the battery cannot support their need. It is really a very frustrating situation caused to the rider. Thanks to the scientist invented a small power motor with a higher torque to climb the slope and at the same time can preserve energy for a longer ride with the same capacity of the battery.

      Thank you very much for your visit and give us your comment. Your comment is a valuable asset to our website.

  4. DELFAST PRIME 2.0 is awesome bike! Would like to see about getting one. Electric bikes have a lot of advantages, especially if you travel long distances, and also for sightseeing destinations for which you need a lot of time to go around by foot. Great suggestion. I will definitely consider getting one.

    • Thanks for your gold comment given to us. You have pointed a great use for long-distance range electric bike. I think Specialized Turbo Vado SL is more suitable for lady rider. You have to talk to DELFAST for custom-made electric bikes according to your height and your liking to match all your needs for a long-distance electric bike. You are special to choose DELFAST PRIME 2.0, I like your choice, and I hope you enjoy your riding with whatever is your final decision. 


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